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KishKish has a team of professional engineers that integrates Skype™ related applications and our internally developed products to other hardware and software platforms. We support customized solutions on a variety of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, Windriver, OSE ) and leverage our key technology to accelerate development time. We are the first to develop and add on solution to Skype™ and our SAM™ is recognized as the leading call recorder and answering machine for Skype™. Our further projects include: integration between Skype™ and mobile telephony, unique real time audio processing, integration into enterprise software and more. KishKish works with a wide spectrum of companies including: Hardware vendors (Skype telephones), Memory chip vendors, Software etc. Some of our Project: CrazyTalk Skype Lie Detector Skype Answering Machine SkypeForwarder SuperTintin Recorder VOIP Phone Buddy For more information please contact: info {AT}